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Screen  Rentals  are  a  leading  provider  of  digital advertising  and  event screens.  By  keeping  abreast  of  the  latest  available  technology,  Screen  Rentals  can  provide  a multitude of  different  screen  options  to  meet  your  requirements.  With  our  knowledge  of  digital  screens  and  content  delivery,  coupled  with  our  experience  in  project development;  we  can  guide  you  through  the  full  screen  selection  process  from  planning,   hiring,   buying,   delivery,   placement,   targeting  and   reporting.

However  small  or  large  you  intend  your  event,  campaign,  installation  or  function  to  be,  our  portfolio  includes  screens  for  all  occasions,  either  indoor  or  outdoor,   mobile  or  static,  temporary or permanent,   LED  or  LCD and  all  available  on  long  or  short  term  hire or purchase.   Screen  Rentals  works  closely  with  you,  building bespoke  opportunities,  geared  to  your  budget  and  scale.  Our nationwide business  is  built  around  a  professional  service;   supported,    designed   and   implemented  by an  experienced  team,  who  will  be  delighted   to  help  create  a  full  and  memorable  viewing  experience  for  you  and  the  audience.



Screen  Rentals  offers  a  wide  range  of  mobile  digital  screens,  varying  from  single  to  multi-screen  vehicles  with  a  combination  of  screen  sizes  and  resolutions  capable  of  elevating  and  rotating  to  maximise  the  viewing  opportunities.

From  the  compact  Digital  Walkers  and  Digital  Bikes  through  a  range  of  Digital  Vans  all  the  way  to  the  Digital  Bus  and  its  30m sq screen.

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Screen  Rentals  provides  screen  hire  for  both  short  or  long  term  campaigns  and  events.  We  believe  with  the  choice  of  screen  sizes  and    the  high  viewing  quality  of  our  range,  we  can  provide  the  most  suitable  and  effective  product  for  your  needs.

All  the  screens  in  our  range  are  capable  of  playing  dynamic  content  and  are  all fully audio  enabled  to  compliment  the  viewing  experience.

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Please see our clients above, the diverse range of screens on offer have been hired across both the public and private sectors. From private functions to advertising campaigns for household brands, we aim to deliver a consistently high level of product and service.


Screen Rentals provides a nationwide service from our depots across the UK. Please call our office on the number below.

Tel: 02079786399

Or request more info by e-mail, simply fill in your details and we’ll get back to you.