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We  have  a  proven  track  record  of  working  with  some  of  the  biggest  brands  in  the  UK  across  both  the  private  and  the  public  sector  ranging  from  retail  to  property,  recruitment  to  education  and  event  based  marketing.

Whatever  your  aims  are,  whether  it  is  increasing  sales  or  brand  recall,  new  store  or  product  launches,  long  term  screen  hire  or  simply  for  a  short  term  event  then  we  can  help.  If  you  want  a  tailored  solution  that  will  increase  sales,  is  highly  audience  responsive,  attracts,  informs  and  improves  customer  relationships  and  is cost  effective,  then  call  Screen  Rentals  today  and  we  will  ensure  that  the  whole  service  process  through  planning,  buying,  content  management,  delivery  and  reporting  will  leave  you  and  your  audience  with  a  truly satisfying  experience.


  • Exhibitions
  • Trade Shows
  • Museum & Galleries
  • Hotels
  • Sporting Venues
  • Restaurant, Bars & Clubs
  • Retail and Shopping
  • Car Show Rooms
  • Race Courses
  • Conferences
  • Educational Institutions
  • Product Launches
  • Concerts & Festivals
  • Charity Events
  • Awards Shows


Screen Events

Screen Events

If you are holding an indoors or outdoors event  Screen Rentals can manage the project for you with our own engineers and installation team helping facilitate the LED installation and removal process including all elements such as scaffolding, rigging, audio, editing and mixing required to deliver the highest quality production. Content can be played in a loop, scheduled, broadcast or live feed.

Our project management skills and experience in content creation and delivery along with the highest quality LED screens all come together to present a memorable viewing experience.

Screen Hire

Screen Hire

Screen Rentals can also help you, if you are looking for short term or long term hire of audio visual or IT equipment, whether it is LED, LCD, TFT or Plasma Screens, Touch Screens, Projectors, Projector Screens, Internet kiosks, LED/LCD Totems, Digital Signage, PA Sound Systems, Tablets or iPads.

For the rental market, we offer through our key suppliers top brands, cutting edge technology and the latest models available. We are able to respond quickly to our customers AV and IT needs and requirements and advise on the correct and optimum solution on a project by project basis.

Screen Sales

Screen Sales

Screen Rentals can source, plan, fit, install and maintain the highest standard and most effective LED's in the market place, that deliver quality, longevity and ease of use to present the highest viewing experience in all conditions and seasons. Our chosen suppliers deliver the components that are tried and tested and assembled here in the UK, with full warranty and support.

The video screens can be installed indoor or outdoor in a shop, showroom or store  window and the content can be changed regularly if required displaying a range of rich content from text graphics, presentations through to full videos.

The digital screens allow so much more content to be delivered than the use of static posters or flags.
All stores are under increasing pressure to make their marketing budget go further and deliver a higher ROI, many are now turning to digital screens and signage that offer a lot more flexibility and a proven cost effective approach in the medium and longer term.

Content that traditionally takes often 2-3 weeks to design, print, install etc can now be ready and on display within a few hours even minutes. This dynamic content can be changed daily, weekly or monthly and even updated centrally from one office using our inbuilt routers to change content remotely.


Screen Advertising

Screen Advertising

Digital Screens have allowed dynamic advertising content to really standout and capture the imagination of the target audience. By using both the visual appeal and flexibility of the screens coupled with high quality audio the advertising will really get noticed amongst the clutter of advertising formats available in outdoor environment today.


The unmissable high bright digital screens can be deployed in front of  the audience and used to increase sales, build brand awareness and improve customer relationships. So much more content can be delivered either as rotating static images or by using full blown video to help engage and educate the public in a more direct and modern format. There are short lead times for content as there is no print lead times involved and content can be delivered altered for example to reflect the time of day or geographical location of the screens.


Please see our clients above, the diverse range of screens on offer have been hired across both the public and private sectors. From private functions to advertising campaigns for household brands, we aim to deliver a consistently high level of product and service.


Screen Rentals provides a nationwide service from our depots across the UK. Please call our office on the number below.

Tel: 02079786399

Or request more info by e-mail, simply fill in your details and we’ll get back to you.