The ‘SR-12’ models deliver 12m sq of Digital screens. The high bright multi-screen LED units are larger and now the 2 side screens can elevate on hydraulic rams to stand out above the crowds, too offer high impact. This makes it desirable for events, shows and festivals as well as retail parks and city centres.

Screen Rentals continually pushes the boundary in design and technology in order to create interactive mobile products that harness current innovative technology and keep it at the front of the digital out-of-home market. The new ‘SR-12’s deliver this vision.

We have taken not just one but two large LED screens and incorporated them into a seamless design that allows exposure on both sides of the street or event.

The two screens, as well as elevating can rotate so the audience is always facing the content.
Marketers who choose to use digital content and human interaction to engage with its brand would find the ‘SR-12’s’ a very creative, compelling and effective solution.

The SR-12’s can be taken to your location of choice and set up quickly and easily, where the audience participate and interaction can be measured.

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