Screen Rentals offers the widest range of mobile digital vans for advertising campaigns and events.
The different models comprise of single, double and triple screen vehicles, representing a choice of formats when planning any activity. Not only are there options for having a different number of screens per vehicle, but the majority of the digivans also have the ability to elevate and rotate to maximise the viewing opportunities.

The fleet range extends from ‘Screen Rental 6m sq’ (SR-6) single or multi-screen digivans to Screen Rental 15m sq (SR-15) single screen digivans. What makes them so special are their ability to be viewed at both close proximity and at street level, as the screens used are amongst the highest resolution sun-readable outdoor screens available. These are all under 8mm pixel pitch (predominantly ranging from 4mm-6mm pixel pitch) to offer outstanding video and images backed up with high quality audio capability.

Digital vans can play a range of dynamic content, from full video (TV commercials) to rotating stills, presentations, PDFS etc. The content can be time or geographically sensitive or can be streamed in real time as live feeds. Other interactive options are also available upon request like touch screen, augmented reality, social media and TV. The technology doesn’t stop with the visual and audio elements but in the campaign evaluation, measurement and reporting using face/gender recognition, GPS tracking and location reports are all available.


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The ‘SR-6’ models are LED digital vans. Screen Rentals offers the choice of vans with single sided 6msq screens or triple sided high brightness digital vans that all have 5mm and 6mm true pitch screens and audio combined. In lay man terms, this vehicle is built to work at street level for close proximity viewing.

The multi-sided vehicles allow the audience to be targeted in different directions and are unaffected by the sun, due to the high brightness and choice of screens.

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The multi high bright LED screen vehicles are larger and now the 2 side screens can elevate on hydraulic rams to stand out above the crowds and car parks to offer a real high impact. This makes it desirable for events, shows and festivals as well as retail parks and city centres.

Marketers who choose to use digital content and human interaction to engage with its brand would find the ‘SR-12’s’ a very creative, compelling and effective solution.
The digivans can be taken to your location of choice where the audience participate and interaction can be measured.


SR12 Benefits

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If it is a single-screen vehicle that you require and you feel that this would best suit the mobile campaign you are planning then the SR-15’s are perfect for parking up and facing the high footfall and crowds in urban centres or busy retail and business parks.

Like the SR-12 multi-screen vans the screen can elevate and rotate to make sure that the optimum orientation is achieved for the best viewing direction and range.

The SR-15’s offer the largest high resolution (6mm pixel pitch) outdoor screen on a mobile digital van.

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Screen Rentals have one of the most comprehensive and varied range of product options available in the UK, customers have also shown interest in the products below.



Please see our clients above, the diverse range of screens on offer have been hired across both the public and private sectors. From private functions to advertising campaigns for household brands, we aim to deliver a consistently high level of product and service.


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