The Digital Trailers (Digitrailers) are extremely versatile in their uses.

Perhaps you wish to have some form of digital signage at your supermarket displaying special offers, a retailer announcing sales, a car dealership advertising new models or a large screen for events, shows or exhibitions.

Screen Rentals supplies different size LED trailers that can easily be taken to location and set up in 20 minutes so that your content is ready to show on the bright screens.

The range extends from our 3 sqm digital trailer screens up to 18 sqm event screens.

The 3 sqm digital trailers are perfect for signage/advertising and can be placed in private property near key footfall locations to deliver your message.

Our 8 sqm screens are ideal as they offer an inbetween size screen for multi purpose such as signage, advertising or small events.

If you want something bigger for an event or advertising campaign then our 18 sqm digital trailer screens can be positioned in full view of the audience. All of the screens can elevate and rotate to maximise the viewing potential.

On the 3 sqm digital trailers we can interchange the screen for an HD LCD High Brightness 70" screen capable of delivering a a very high resolution viewing experience that can be delivered to your location of choice.

All the LED & LCD screens can elevate and rotate to stand out  in all weather, light and seasons and all have audio capability..

digitrailer benefits

  • High Brightness LED screen
  • 3 sqm, 8 sqm & 18 sqm.
  • 6 & 8mm Pitch screens for higher resolution.
  • 240V easy to power from location
  • Onboard generator for events
  • Elevation to 4 metres
  • Rotation for facing audience, traffic etc
  • All weather operation
  • Content management and upload remotely using 3G/4G
  • Branded banners to cover the sides of the base
  • Work closely with clients, agencies and outdoor specialists



digitrailer uses

  •  Nationwide service
  •  Public and Private sector
  •  Advertising and information displays
  •  Retail, Dealerships, & Product launches
  •  Shows, Exhibitions & public/private events





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Screen Rentals have one of the most comprehensive and varied range of product options available in the UK, customers have also shown interest in the products below.



Please see our clients above, the diverse range of screens on offer have been hired across both the public and private sectors. From private functions to advertising campaigns for household brands, we aim to deliver a consistently high level of product and service.


Screen Rentals provides a nationwide service from our depots across the UK. Please call our office on the number below.

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